All you Need to Know About Greer Lodge

Greer lodge  is located in Greer town found on the white mountains in Arizona. Precisely, Greer lodge is located at 44 main street Greer, AZ  85927 United States and it is opened on a daily basis between 8:00am and to 9:00 pm. You can contact this lodge through its website or through telephone number 928 735 7216. Nestled between the Aspen Trees and Ponderosa Pine, it has a stream running though its 25 acre land.

Greer Lodge

Changes and improvements made to Greer lodge and cabins
In its 373 grill restaurant that offers draft beer, wings and pizzas, the lodge cam cabin provider has lowered its prices while at the same time offering an expanded menu. The same restaurant has also had improvements in terms of providing for a more western casual experience. Its remodeling include addition of fire tables, provision of leather sofas, replacement of log railings,  the waiting area and lounge has been expanded to be more spacious among other improvements.  Greer lodge property has about 23 lodge styled and luxurious suites which have rough hewn walls, fireplaces and comfortable living rooms. When at this lodge, you can take full advantage of their free fly fishing lessons and equipment. Meandering creeks will lead you to a number of ponds where you can do the flu-fishing and you listen to beautiful and relaxing sounds and have  great views of the amazing property that makes up the Greer lodge.

Greer lodge amenities and activities
The majority of amenities and activities offered at Greer lodge are free and usually, there are no hidden fees or charges for the services you get from this lodge. Some of the free services and amenities you are likely to get from the lodge include:
kayaking with free instructions for first timers
free helmets along the mountain bikes
free snowshoes
free skis for cross country.
Free internet.
Free DVD movies and satellite TV
free gas to be used on the cabin decks
free games including Jenga, Scrabble, Monopoly among others
free outdoor games including the traditional lawn type games and volleyball
free horse shoes
free services in using telescopes to gaze at stars at night
access to a close by forest and the use of its trails
free scenic walks, ski trails and hiking maps.
Free wildlife books and binoculars

Get great deals from Greer lodge
Greer lodge offers special promotions and offers all year round. From this lodge you are sure to get great deals on wedding packages that can include up to 60 guests, family reunions and family groups at a 20% lower pricing when staying for at least 4 nights. You will also be able to make last minute booking and reservations. Kids get special offers during school holidays,  and, Greer lodge will not charge you any premium for your weekends spending or holiday period packages. Finally, Greer lodges provided for a promotion that participants expect to win up to $5500 value or a one week free vacation. You can as well experience the North Pole or decide to create toys in the Lodge’s Santa workshop.


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